Spook-taculor Treats, Tips, Tricks, Pumpkin Templates and More!

Halloween is such a special holiday because it brings neighbourhoods together. Many of us have happy memories of the Halloweens of our childhoods, preparing costumes, decorating the house, and the almost unbearable wait for the big moment – when we got the all clear to head out the door and go trick or treating! We loved meeting our friends, comparing costumes, admiring all the jack-o-lanterns and collecting treats from smiling neighbours. And as grownups, it’s a joy to experience the spooky fun of Halloween again, through our kids.  

This blog will provide you with lots of interesting information about Halloween – from fun games and pumpkin-carving templates to safety tips and delicious recipes. So whether you are looking to have a ghostly good time or just want to learn more about this popular holiday, this is the blog for you!

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Halloween Homemade Treats and Desserts:

Recently, I got into the spirit of the Halloween season and made a batch of candy apples – something I hadn’t done since Grade 8 Home Economics class. This time, my nine-year-old joined in. We had a great time making this tray of classic candy apples as well as some good memories along the way.


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Are you planning a Halloween party? Here are some more eerily delicious dessert ideas that will delight your guests!

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Halloween Safety Tips:

Safety should be the top priority when trick-or-treating, especially if you have little ones. Young children should always be accompanied by a parent or other trusted adult. Kids who are old enough to go out alone should travel in groups and stick together. Make sure they understand how to stay safe while out walking and that there is a plan for what to do if they get lost or scared. 

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Pumpkin Carving Templates:

Carving jack-o-lanterns is an age-old Halloween tradition. You can always go with the traditional free-style version, or choose a fun and simple template to decorate your pumpkins. Simply print out the templates and cut out the shapes with scissors. Then use tape to attach them to the outside of the pumpkin, or trace them with a dry erase marker (lines can then easily be erased after carving). Now start carving!

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Fun Trick-or-Treat treat bag ideas:

These cute and creative trick-or-treat baggies are a fun way to package and hand out your Halloween treats to the little ghosts and goblins who visit your door on Halloween.

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